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driving it home at WSC’s Fall Marketing Challenge

Posted By Michael Klein On November 29, 2009 @ 4:41 pm In Creative,Digital,Strategy | No Comments

The other week a few members of our team participated in Windy City Social ‘s Fall Marketing Challenge. This year the challenge included notable ‘clients’ such as General Motors, Southwest Airlines and the Special Olympics. Attendees worked in teams of eight individuals to solve one of three marketing challenges presented by each client. Solutions ranged from social media strategy, web initiatives, and complete marketing plans.

The envisionit team took on General Motors’ Buick LaCrosse marketing case (in hopes that a free car was the grand prize…sadly, it was not). The Buick Team asked for ideas on generating a younger consumer audience to buy a Buick LaCrosse. Buick’s current image as an “old man car” is problematic, preventing its appeal to a wider demographic or generating sales. The following campaign was developed by envisionit media members and their team.

Buick Team Solution: A two-stage plan that focused on the experience of the Buick Lacrosse. To combat Buick’s image problem, the team created a ‘Tease and Reveal’ campaign. This would allow consumers to experience the vehicle first and then be pleasantly surprised it is a Buick.

Stage 1:
Execute a Teaser campaign (on and offline) that features the styling of the Buick LaCrosse without revealing brand name to build consumer buzz. Objective was to attract people with the impressive style and features of the car, without preset bias towards the Buick name.

Buick would then host ‘blind’ test drives at targeted public areas such as beaches, ski resorts, sports events, etc. Customers would experience the vehicle without the knowledge of brand. Customers would then simply be presented with a card that features a photo of the vehicle and the URL “www.whereisittakingyou.com”. Upon visiting the website, consumers learn that the wonderful experience came from Buick, and can participate with a “Where is it taking you?” social media campaign.

Stage 2:
Execute a Reveal Campaign to feature Buick brand name attached. Now that the public has had an opportunity to experience the car, either through advertising or actual test-drives. The “www.whereisittakingyou.com” website would now become a social hub for people to share “where their Buick LaCrosse is taking them.” Consumers could contribute video, stories, etc. of their driving experiences. This would also tie in with Facebook, Twitter, and other social outlets in effort to create ‘talk value’ for Buick.

Buick could also partner with higher end hotels (such as W Hotels or Westin) that would include the ability for guests to be able to experience the LaCrosse during their stay. This partnership could allow hotel guests to rent a car during their stay or be picked up/dropped off from the airport in it.

envisionit media really enjoyed our participation in the Marketing Challenge, and look forward to next year!

Our very own Aly presenting at Marketing Challenge!

Aly (left) presenting at Marketing Challenge!

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