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March 7, 2014

Connecting the Dots to a Great Idea

Written By: Nicole Emerick @ 4:26 pm
Category: Creative

“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things.” - Steve Jobs

A few of us were sitting together at an agency wine tasting event last week chatting about our lives outside of work. The conversation veered toward different projects we were working on, and it dawned on me that so many of our agency’s brightest creatives frequently give credit to their hobbies and passions when asked, “How did you come up with that big idea?!”

Justin Soest is one of Envisionit’s designers who most definitely fits this bill. As with many creatives, his design-oriented mind doesn’t just shut off when the clock strikes 5 pm. Recently Justin helped with a project called Music is the Weapon of the Future, which planned a series of parties that helped with fundraising and networking for nonprofit organizations.

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March 4, 2014

Go Red for Women, Home Run Inn Pizza and Heart Disease

Written By: Nicole Brown @ 2:05 pm
Categories: Events, Fun!, Our Customers

Macy's Go Red for WomenEach year, Macy’s hosts a Go Red for Women luncheon at locations across the country to raise awareness of Heart Disease. Despite being the most fatal disease for women in the United States, Heart Disease isn’t discussed as often as other fatal, yet less prevalent diseases like cancer.

Home Run Inn, a client of Envisionit, has been a proud Chicago Sponsor of the event for several years. They were kind enough to invite me and a few other Envisionit women to attend the event with their lovely ladies: Renee Storie, Jamie Wagner, and Nicolette Reynolds.

As we arrived on the 7th floor of  Macy’s on State Street, we were amazed by all the women in RED. I mean WOW! These women really took this message to heart – their outfits represented every shade of red. Seeing the unity of these women to raise awareness and money for Heart Disease was truly inspirational.

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March 3, 2014

The John Travolta Name Generator #AdeleDazeemYourself

Written By: Caryn Jendro @ 4:56 pm
Category: Strategy

Because you aren’t famous until that guy flubs your name. Like, royally.

Maybe he was trying to take a stab at rebranding the “wickedly talented” singer. Perhaps his lasik reverted at that exact moment. Whatever the case, John Travolta royally flubbed Idina Menzel’s name at the Oscars last night (one of the reasons why we love that it’s live).
Wish you knew how John Travolta would rebrand you?


Use our John Travolta Name Generator to find out now!




February 28, 2014

Multi-Channel Attribution, Part 1: Third-Party Attribution Partners

Written By: Joe Mathieu @ 3:11 pm

Multi-Channel DistributionDigital marketing, at its core, is rooted on the basis of performance. Even in the case of Branding campaigns, where conversion metrics are not necessarily the foremost concern, advertisers want to know that their dollars were spent wisely; and, more often than not, website analytics are a strong indicator of how well-received a brand initiative was within the target audience.

Whether promoting a brand’s image or focusing on a specific Direct Response goal, the question on every marketer’s mind is, undoubtedly, ‘who gets the credit for performance’? While it’s often posited as a self-serving inquisition, assigning accurate credit to various marketing initiatives, also known as attribution, is very much an important metric for determining the success (or lack thereof) of any campaign.

We need to go further

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February 21, 2014

Feeling the Love: Valentine’s Day at Envisionit

Written By: envisionit media @ 4:50 pm
Category: Fun!

Roses are red, violets are blue,

We had a pretty sweet Valentine’s Day,

And we hope you did too!

Lately we’ve been feeling the love around the office more so than ever, thanks to last week’s Valentine’s Day. We held a heart-themed potluck in the office to kick off the festivities, which was filled with tasty homemade sweet and savory treats. Then our employees took full advantage of the romantic weekend – flowers, chocolate, heart shaped food, delicious dinners, tropical vacations, weddings, puppy love, and family time with the kids. Here’s a glimpse at how we spent our Valentine’s Day weekends.

EIM Valentines Day 1

EIM Valentines Day 2

EIM Valentines Day 3

EIM Valentines Day 4


Lots of love is in the air! We hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day as much as we did!


February 19, 2014

Envisionit’s Favorite Apps for Life, Work, and Everything Else

Written By: envisionit media @ 4:19 pm
Categories: Digital, Fun!

We asked EIMers one simple question: What are your favorite apps?

The responses were overwhelming. In fact, we learned a little bit about how everyone spends their free time. We travel, eat out, exercise, think, create, share, joke, and even get a little work done.

With tens of thousands of available apps to choose from, it’s always interesting to see which become necessary tools for our lives, which in turn helps us understand how to help others build, market, or improve their own apps.

Here’s how our staff weighed in.



uber Winner: Uber – By far the most popular. Nearly everyone mentioned it. Perhaps this has to do with the record breaking cold this winter.

Lyft Runner Up: Lyft – Uber’s black cars beat Lyft’s stranger-driven cars.



fitbit Winner: FitBit – This app communicates with a wristband that collects activity data and reminds you to keep moving.

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February 14, 2014

Using Bizo to Drive Traffic and Engagement: A case study

Written By: envisionit media @ 11:59 am

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 10.06.07 AM

Imagine that you get hired at one of the world’s top consulting firms. Your first assignment is to attend a week of training at a specialty facility with 95 acres of lush land, a world class chef preparing your meals, a wellness center, and plenty of opportunities to bond with your new coworkers during fun team building activities.

Meet Q Center: the Midwest’s largest corporate event and training center where companies large and small train, educate, and build their teams.

Now meet Q Center’s marketing challenges: increasing brand awareness, cementing their position as an industry thought leader, and driving more traffic to their site. Given their long sales cycle, solving these three challenges would strategically move them closer to the ultimate goal – increasing bookings.

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February 10, 2014

Google Fonts Save the Internet (Kinda)

Written By: Caryn Jendro @ 8:44 am
Category: Digital

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 8.42.54 AMSince the dawn of the interwebs, designers and developers were restricted to using web-safe fonts to ensure that website content loaded properly. Web-safe fonts were declared “safe” because every computer came with them preloaded on the hard drive, which meant websites could reliably load content in those fonts.  Since the fonts used on a website affect a major part of the look and feel, web-safe fonts greatly restricted branding opportunities.

Browsing from one website to the next, you’ll see classics (Read: boring) like Arial, Courier, Times New Roman, Georgia, Verdana, the unfortunate Comic Sans, and a few others that make up the 12 or so web-safe fonts. The only way to deviate from this set was to embed a font into the site’s code. But this was costly option because of licensing fees, extra development and testing. Even after all that, loading issues could cause a website to fall back to the original web-safe fonts.

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February 7, 2014

Movin’ On Up: Congrats Matt!

Written By: envisionit media @ 8:30 am
Category: Announcements

Matt ElliottIn the past year, our agency has grown in size, structure, and project scope. Matt Elliott played a huge part in these successes, which is why we’re proud to announce his promotion to the Director of Account Services!

Matt joined Envisionit a little over a year ago and immediately started making a difference. Previously, he had worked at other digital agencies like R/GA, Arc Worldwide, and Manifest Digital. That past experience helped him immediately contribute to the year’s growth. He played a major role in identifying opportunities for our clients and rallying our internal teams around objectives. As a result, Matt helped cultivate some key new client relationships that helped broaden the agency’s experience.

So congratulations Matt! We look forward to working with you and embracing your ideas for years to come.

February 6, 2014

Is Hot Chocolate the answer [to a Chicagoan’s problems in the winter]?

Written By: Nicole Emerick @ 10:02 am
Category: Fun!

It’s been a tough winter in Chicago.  From -30 degree wind chills to a series of continual snowstorms, our minds have been fantasizing about disappearing from the Polar Vortex for a bit.  So we did just that.

Last week, our totally rad Operations & HR Specialist, Ali, took us on a trip to Hot Chocolate Land and it was amazing.

With a little help from Pinterest, Ali setup a Martha Stewart-approved hot cocoa bar in our Ideation Lounge for all to enjoy. Our hot cocoa getaway included salted caramel and red velvet-flavored cocoa mixes along with a few that I didn’t even know existed (how did I miss the memo on Mexican chocolate?!). She also included an array of toppings that made the deal even sweeter– sprinkles, gourmet marshmallows, peanut butter chips, coconut flakes and Andes mints, to name a few.

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