This week, we’ve been biking to work. The weather’s been relatively cooperative and potholes have been avoided, so it’s been a good thing.

Also a good thing, staying alive and safe when you’re riding your bike. Because if there’s something we like more than bikes, it’s being safe on them! So then:

1. Ride in the street, not in the sidewalk.

Come on now. It’s way unsafe to ride on the sidewalk, and not nice to the people who aren’t riding bikes on the sidewalk. Use the bike lane and share the road with other bikes and cars.

2. Don’t ride with music.

Go headphones-free, people. Because then you can hear what’s going on around you, yes?

3. Wear a helmet.

Helmets can be doofy looking, but you’ll thank us later after you thought it’d be OK to ride on the sidewalk with your headphones in and hit your head. We want to keep our brains in our heads.

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