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June 14, 2012

Is Facebook Making Business Pages Pay for Posts to be Seen by Fans?

There has been a rumor going around that Facebook has made changes to all business pages that will preventing that business’s posts from being seen by all of their fans, even those who have already liked the business page. You may have seen some pages posting updates similar to:

“Facebook is now charging to see all of our posts. To see all of our updates, please go to our page and click where it says, “Liked” and select “Show in News Feed.”

Is this rumor true? Yes and No. Let me explain.

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April 1, 2010

Facebook Replaces “Become a Fan” with “express a warm fondness for”

Written By: Meg @ 3:51 pm
Category: Digital

Ok, fine—haha. That was just a hilarious April Fool’s joke.

But it’s not too far from the news that started leaking earlier this week about the real change to Fan Pages: the replacement of “become a fan” with a “like” button. Just as you “like” a friend’s status update, photo, or link, you will soon “like” Nike or The Chicago Blackhawks or the Cool Side of the Pillow instead of becoming a fan of these brands and ideas.

The reason? Facebook says their users click “like” more than “become a fan.” And something about streamlining the way communication happens on Facebook. (Real world side note: imagine if everyone on earth gave high-fives to express any positive or supportive feeling…hmm.) So, essentially, “like” converts. And Facebook feels that this means renaming the fan button will equal “conversions” for Fan Pages.

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