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January 13, 2011

Yahoo-Bing gaining on Google!

Written By: Lisa @ 1:04 pm
Categories: Digital, Strategy

If you’re not already testing out the Yahoo-Bing Paid Search channel, you may want to start thinking about it….Efficient Frontier launched a report this week in regards to the Revenue per Click (RPC) gains that the Yahoo-Bing transition is making on Google, most recently in Q4 2010. Note the chart that shows the 7 Day RPC average of both channels at the end of 2010. So is it time to add Yahoo-Bing to your marketing strategy?? It’s something to think about and consider if you are playing in the Google PPC game, or you are not ready to play with Google and want to test out PPC with a smaller market share.

December 2, 2010

Google Shows More Search Results From Single Domains

Written By: Grant Sabatier @ 11:34 am
Category: Strategy

The whole first page on Google game has gotten a bit harder recently. This is because Google has started showing up to four pages from the same domain on one page of the search results. The reason? Google wants to present the most relevant search results based on a searcher’s intent.  If that searcher is interested in a particular domain or topic they might see up to four results for one domain based on relevance.

Google’s reasoning from their blog: “As before, we still provide links to results from a variety of domains to ensure people find a diverse set of sources relevant to their searches. However, when our algorithms predict pages from a particular site are likely to be most relevant, it makes sense to provide additional direct links in our search results.”

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November 17, 2010

Free Call Tracking For Google Adwords with Google Voice

Written By: Grant Sabatier @ 12:56 pm
Categories: Digital, Strategy

This month Google released “Adwords Call Metrics,” a call tracking service for Adwords campaigns. The service is free for Adwords account holders and integrates a Google Voice number into ads on both computers and mobile devices. Google Voice is the free service that allows Google account holders set-up a phone number from any area code in the United States. For the purpose of Adwords, users can set up either a local phone number or a toll-free number. Users are then able redirect the number to any phone. The total number of calls and average duration of the calls can be tracked in the Adwords dashboard.

The same Google Voice number used in Adwords can also be used on other marketing materials or a website for increased tracking through Adwords, although we recommend setting up a separate Google Voice number for each campaign. Separate numbers allow for more targeted conversion tracking.

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October 14, 2010

Google Testing “Ads” instead of “Sponsored Links”

Written By: Meg @ 9:51 am
Category: Digital

It’s been confirmed that Google has recently begun testing some new language above the right side of their search results pages, where their paid ads are housed. These have historically been (and probably still are for most readers) labeled “Sponsored Links.” But before long you may see a new label above the ads…wait for it: “Ads” (gasp!).

This screen shot below shows the new “Ads” test (provided by a Google-related blog—we’re not seeing the test here at EIM yet):

And here’s a screen shot of what you’re used to seeing:

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August 25, 2010

Google At It Again: A Surprising Algorithm Change

The Google Algorithm has been changed on us again! OMG!

While the case used to be that a domain could only appear twice in Google’s search results for any one query, Google has now expanded this limit. According to Google’s Webmaster Central blog, this applies to “queries that indicate a strong user interest in a particular domain.”  Using Google’s example, if you do a search for “exhibitions at amnh,” 7 of the 10 results listings on the first page are from the American Museum of Natural History’s website; Google identifies pages on the site that each speak to a specific exhibit, because they want it to be easy for the searcher to quickly find info on various exhibits at that museum.

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August 20, 2010

Facebook unveils “places,” a place business owners should get to know as soon as possible.

Written By: Adam @ 1:37 pm
Category: Digital

facebook places
Facebook recently released the information about their new location-based marketing tool so humbly titled “places”. When looking at the basics of places, all of the features seem to be right on compared to the likes of Foursquare and Gowalla. Although people called this the Foursquare killer, Foursquare and location-based marketers alike seem excited to integrate with the new Facebook feature. (Hmm, maybe it has to do with the 500 million users Facebook bring in?) However, although there are some similarities, Facebook did what they do best. (Take it to the next level)

How it works:

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August 12, 2010

All Eyes on Google and Verizon and Net Neutrality

Think Google and Verizon feel today like that kid at school who makes a mortifyingly stupid or offensive comment in class that every student and teacher gets wind of and then whispers about in the hall, passing judgment as they brush by or shooting glares from across the playground? One might think so… There’s been so much negative buzz lately about the two powerhouses and their controversial Net neutrality policy proposal that one would assume they’re both at this moment begging their moms to let them stay home from school tomorrow.

But, in fact…well, they’re Google and Verizon, for gosh sake. They might turn on a convincing charm, but actually beat up those other kids for their lunch money. Or less metaphorically, they have enormous PR machines behind them that can manage a reputation or two. Just as quickly as two brand names as big as theirs can generate mass Twitter upheaval, so too can they quell the “rumors”—or spin the truth, as the case may be—and attempt to assure the public that they are in fact not the monsters that, say, the New York Times may have suggested.

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July 2, 2010

“Google Me” Rumor Mill

Written By: Meg @ 10:27 am
Categories: Digital, Strategy

facebook vs google meThe word around town lately is that Google is working on their own social media network, called “Google Me.” It would apparently be modeled off Facebook, and one can clearly infer it is intended to (attempt to) crush the ol’ FB. And things heated up a couple days ago with former Facebook CTO, Adam D’Angelo, stating on his own social platform, Quora, that the rumors are not rumors. No one from Google is commenting, but social media enthusiasts sure are all atwitter (tee hee…pun totally intended). Facebook seems so ingrained in our lives now—and became so quite quickly, really—that it feels like no one could ever top them. Of course if anyone can, it would be Google, the king of brand-name-as-commonly-used-verb companies. Shall be an interesting one to watch!

June 17, 2010

Video & Video Sitemaps: That’s Some Sexy Site Architecture

With the launch of Google Caffeine and after talk at SMX Advanced 2010 in Seattle, Google’s made it clear that they will start looking more at video sitemaps when indexing websites. Why? Because they’re sexy! Videos are slick, compelling and fun, and people like them. And what does Google like? Things that people like.

Videos and Video Sitemaps themselves are not brand new, but there are related changes in the Google landscape that make them more important.

Universal Search
This actually isn’t brand new either, but many people probably still don’t really know about it. I’ll guess you have noticed over the last several years that pretty pictures and such have been popping up on the Google results pages. This is Google intuitively guessing what kind of content you’re looking for, and pulling the appropriate rich media or other targeted results right into their main search results (see the results snapshot below for “monkeys jumping on the bed”). This is in contrast to a user clicking on what Google calls their “vertical search” options, like Videos, Maps, or Books, to only search that type of content.

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June 11, 2010

google boosts search results with some “caffeine”

Written By: Heidi @ 12:18 pm
Categories: Digital, Strategy

google caffineLet the battle of the search engines begin! (again)

This week Google announced it’s new web indexing system called Caffeine. The new system promises to offer even fresher web content than ever before, up to 50% more than the old Google system. The old way of indexing was not in real time as one might have believed, as Google had only been crawling fractions of the web and updating it a batch at a time.  The batch updating created layers of indexed information for the searcher to sift through. Sometimes one of the layers would be refreshed by Google, and others wouldn’t. Needless to say, it wasn’t a perfect system to provide real time content.

Caffeine will change all that, with continuous indexing that will feature new content immediately, fulfilling the consumer want for their news “now” as it’s happening. From here on out, Google will immediately show breaking news stories in real time, photo updates, social media updates and more. Here is Google’s visual representation of the indexing change:

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