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Google Shows More Search Results From Single Domains

By: Grant Sabatier   Strategy

The whole first page on Google game has gotten a bit harder recently. This is because Google has started showing up to four pages from the same domain on one page of the search results. The reason? Google wants to present the most relevant search results based on a searcher’s intent.  If that searcher is […]

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Free Call Tracking For Google Adwords with Google Voice

By: Grant Sabatier   Digital, Strategy

This month Google released “Adwords Call Metrics,” a call tracking service for Adwords campaigns. The service is free for Adwords account holders and integrates a Google Voice number into ads on both computers and mobile devices.

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SEO Tips – A Checklist for a new Site Launch

By: Lisa   Digital, Strategy

Here at EIM, we are launching new websites on a regular basis. Some of these websites are new clients while other are past clients that are ready for a site refresh or new and improved functionality. Obviously clients each have their own unique goals. One consideration in developing any website is identifying what techniques to utilize to ensure search-engine friendliness. That can meet a lot of different things to different companies depending on their knowledge of  SEO.

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Should I really pay attention to this video SEO stuff?

By: Megan   Digital, Strategy

If you’ve turned a blind eye to the chatter about how videos can enhance your ranking in the search engines, listen up my friend – especially if you’re an online retailer. Video SEO is here to stay, and it can increase revenue by 10-15%. Here are some compelling stats that tell us why:

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SMX Advanced 2010 Recap: Built For The User

By: Meg   Strategy

Settled back in from 2 full days at the SMX Advanced 2010 search marketing expo in weather-schizophrenic Seattle (hmm, sounds like another city I know) . The jet lag is fading back to my normal everyday loopiness, the withdrawal from 24/7 search marketing conversation is waning, and it’s time to recap a few takeaways that I think our readers would particularly like.

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Optimize for the Customer! Interactive Marketing Tips

By: Lisa   Digital, Strategy

Last week we attended a great CIMA dinner here in Chicago (fyi, CIMA = Chicago Interactive Marketing Association) with several speakers from large, nationwide brands like Kmart, Sears, etc. One comment stood out more than anything and it's one we preach to our SEO team and clients alike that is very important – OPTIMIZE FOR THE CUSTOMER!

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Build it and They Will Come…right?? Um…No.

By: envisionit   Digital, Strategy

5 quick fixes for making sure your new & improved website can be found by Google.

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