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Learning about Link Building – Insight from an EIM Intern

By: Joe   Digital, Strategy

Making sure that your website has links from other websites is a very important aspect of SEO. Although link building can sometimes be a very slow and very gradual process, the increase in traffic and visibility that results from meaningful links is a great reward. As an intern looking to learn the ins and outs […]

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Canonical What?

By: Tyler   Digital, Strategy

What the H!@# is a Canonical Tag? First off, it is pronounced [kuh-non-i-kuhl] tag and it helps eliminate duplicate content on your site in the eyes of search engines. It is easy to implement, accepted by all the major search engines and can help your site in the rankings.

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Social Media and Beyond! – Insight from an EIM Intern

By: Joe   Digital, Fun!

It hasn’t even been a month since I started interning here at EIM, yet I feel like I’ve already learned so much. Prior to arriving at EIM, most of my experience with digital media involved managing social media accounts for various local events and businesses and maintaining my own personal blog. As a recent college […]

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SEO Philosophy – 5 Simple Reminders

By: Meg   Strategy

The web marketing team here at EIM often gets asked casual questions about search engine optimization, be it at the office or even out at a social event. A client might ask about the newest tactic they happened to read about or how social media impacts organic search results. A family member might ask for […]

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Use Google +1 to stand out amongst your competitors

By: Adam   Digital, Strategy

In March, Google released their brand new +1 button to their search results. This button is Google’s response to the Facebook “like”, and allows users to publicly +1 search results and ads on the Google network. This button can help you find quality web pages, based off of what people in your Google community are […]

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Utilize Youtube to enhance your brand and boost your websites SEO rankings.

By: Adam   Digital, Strategy

Social media is a huge part of marketing these days, and a great way to reach out and captivate your audience. When utilizing these channels there are some important steps you should take to make sure you cover all the bases when continuing to develop your brand on these networks.

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StumbleUpon some additional traffic and SEO value for your website

By: Adam   Strategy

StumbleUpon is a great way to generate some additional traffic and increase page ranking for your website.

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Calling all Cooks! Google Launches Recipe View

By: Lisa   Digital, Strategy

Being that I am the last person at envisionit media that would do a search for recipes, I still found this latest improvement Google has made to enrich the online search experience pretty significant. You know, for those that love to cook (not me), but more importantly for those that feature recipes on their website and want to increase their online exposure for them.

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Google Blocklist: Power to the People

By: Grant Sabatier   Strategy

So things over at Google are getting a little scary, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Although it is still technically in testing phase, Google is allowing users to block domains/hosts from appearing in your personal Google search results. They are also allowing users to report bad links and content farm websites through a new Google Chrome extension. The idea behind the extension, called Personal Blocklist is that users can block websites they don’t want to see in their results and Google can then determine bad websites and content farms by looking at the patterns of websites people most often block.

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Integrated Online Marketing in 2011 (aka Do Good Business)

By: Meg   Digital, Fun!, Strategy

So, you’ve been told 2011 is all about local. As well as mobile. And social. And video. And reviews. And probably a number of other important elements of the online world. So what the heck do you focus on? Well...when it comes to getting your site found on search engines: all of them.

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