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November 10, 2010

Social Media & the 2010 Mid-term Elections – How It Succeeded and What Your Clients Can Learn

Written By: Mikky @ 8:16 am
Category: Strategy

For the first time, Social Media stepped to the forefront as a conduit of information, interactivity and instantaneous updates for voters, candidates and traditional media alike. How did this happen? When did Twitter, Facebook and even Foursquare become such relevant communicative devices with these participants? How is conceding an election via Twitter an acceptable method for candidates? When did Foursquare become a conduit for reporting voter fraud? How did a former Governor use these outlets to endorse candidates and turn them into national personalities?

In many broadcast newsrooms around the country, pundits were relying heavily on social media to augment their reporting – live interaction with voters and candidates alike. Foursquare offered an “I Voted” badge while Facebook had an auto Live Feed feature giving their users the same option. Independent and even International news outlets participated with live online video broadcast and blog feeds. Akamai Technologies Inc., which delivers about 20 percent of the world’s Internet traffic, showed rising traffic on Tuesday afternoon. Around 5 p.m. EDT, traffic was peaking at over 4.6 million global page views per minute. Based on GMA news, one of Akamai’s highest rates of traffic in its five years of measurement. To compare, Obama’s election night speech in 2008 at Grant Park had 4.3 million global page views.

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October 26, 2010

A Shopper’s Journey Through New Media

Written By: Lisa @ 3:58 pm
Category: Strategy

The latest study released by Microsoft Advertising and Carat tracks consumer shopping habits during the lingering recession and how new media channels and touchpoints have affected consumers. The study, conducted in March 2010 shares some pretty interesting data…

  • The path to purchasing is increasingly nonlinear – consumers are moving along the path of awareness to sales that now includes digital media. For example, a user may hear about a product through a Facebook post of a Tweet, then visit their website via a smartphone to research it, consulting consumer reviews along the way. Traditional word of mouth and media still remain influencers.
  • 38% of consumers are using mobile devices in-store to make final purchasing decisions. Does your site have a mobile presence?
  • Following a purchase, 11% are blogging about it, posting it on their social network of choice, and leaving reviews. Are you following what’s being said about you?
  • Advertising on with retailers whether online banners/video, along with in-store media is also influencing. Have you considered retailer channels in your media mix?

The main message we try to communicate to our clients at envisionit is that shopping behaviors are changing with the result of these new digital platforms, and engage consumers each step of the way, influencing purchases and keeping consumers satisfied post-purchase. Results of the study can be found here.

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September 22, 2010

Tweet-ering on the Edge of Joining Twitter

Written By: Rick Hickey @ 7:20 am
Category: Digital

I told myself I’d never do this, and I’m still a little upset that I’m thinking about it, but becoming one of the 160 million people worldwide with a Twitter account seems to be inevitable. More specifically, as an intern in interactive marketing, I’m beginning to see that Twitter has a lot more to offer than updates of my friend wondering why the hipster baristas at Starbucks aren’t as surly as usual.

First off, Twitter is a useful tool for a young copywriter, in the sense that the 140-character limit really makes you think about what to say and how to say it. The practice of creating concise and compelling tweets can be a great exercise in communicating something in the fewest words possible, something every good copywriter does every day. Such exercises provide a fun method for improving your approach to writing headlines, taglines, or copy in general. Twitter also inevitably forces you to edit and critique your own work, while picking up techniques and stylistic cues from other authors.

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April 14, 2010

Promoted Tweets & TweetUp Social Media Advertising Platforms Launch

Tweet This–Promoted Tweets is Here!

A paid advertising platform for Twitter has been the talk of industry experts since Twitter was, well, hatched. And this week not one, but two platforms launched – TweetUp and Promoted Tweets.

Promoted Tweets, which is a Twitter platform, will allow marketers to bid on keywords on a CPM basis, allowing their ads to show up as sponsored tweets.  These sponsored tweets will show up in a user’s Twitter feed and most likely be contextually and locally targeted.

TweetUp is not officially tied to Twitter but will also allow marketers to bid on keywords on a CPM basis and have their profile or tweets show up in TweetUp’s sponsored listings when a search is performed onsite.

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October 23, 2009

google, bing and twitter are dating!

Written By: envisionit media @ 6:25 am
Categories: Announcements, Strategy

Well, it was probably only a matter of time that Twitter would pick a big time suitor. And Twitter couldn’t just pick one, so they decided to go with two.

Both Google and Bing will start indexing “tweets” from public Twitter profiles in their search results. To date, tweets were not indexed by either search engine. But given the micro-blogging site’s current popularity, it was time for Twitter to test the dating pool.

If you have been following Twitter’s rise of success (50 billion tweets and counting), what it gained in popularity it lacked in revenue generation. While Twitter has received millions in venture capital, it has not been able to monetize its business model. The current partnership with Bing and Google looks to be the start, even though Twitter’s CEO Evan Williams denies this as the driver.

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June 5, 2009

wow bao wants you to show your love of bao on twitter

Written By: envisionit media @ 9:18 pm
Categories: Digital, Strategy

bao mouth twitter social media

Wow Bao, known for its steamed Bao buns and other casual Asian cuisine, is upping the ante for Bao lovers. If you love Bao, now you can get some love back with the Bao Mouth. First off, head on over to Twitter and follow Mr. Bao Mouth himself. If BaoMouth notices you saying good things about Wow Bao on Twitter, he may find you and thank you by suggesting you go to a local Wow Bao and tell them BaoMouth sent you, and you’ll get a treat! What kinda treats? Depends on BaoMouth — Could be anything from a free chocolate bao to a set of pot stickers to a quenching homemade ginger ale. Mmmmm!

You can also sign up for promotional deals on the Bao Mouth website, and be admitted to the exclusive club of Bao Mouths. You may even receive your own Bao Mouth card for redemption at your local Wow Bao restaurant.

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