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Social Media & the 2010 Mid-term Elections – How It Succeeded and What Your Clients Can Learn

By: Mikky   Strategy

For the first time, Social Media stepped to the forefront as a conduit of information, interactivity and instantaneous updates for voters, candidates and traditional media alike. How did this happen? When did Twitter, Facebook and even Foursquare become such relevant communicative devices with these participants? How is conceding an election via Twitter an acceptable method for candidates? When did Foursquare become a conduit for reporting voter fraud? How did a former Governor use these outlets to endorse candidates and turn them into national personalities?

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A Shopper’s Journey Through New Media

By: Lisa   Strategy

The latest study released by Microsoft Advertising and Carat tracks consumer shopping habits during the lingering recession and how new media channels and touchpoints have affected consumers. The study, conducted in March 2010 shares some pretty interesting data…

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Tweet-ering on the Edge of Joining Twitter

By: Rick Hickey   Digital

I told myself I’d never do this, and I’m still a little upset that I’m thinking about it, but becoming one of the 160 million people worldwide with a Twitter account seems to be inevitable. More specifically, as an intern in interactive marketing, I’m beginning to see that Twitter has a lot more to offer than updates of my friend wondering why the hipster baristas at Starbucks aren’t as surly as usual.

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google, bing and twitter are dating!

By: envisionit   Announcements, Strategy

Well, it was probably only a matter of time that Twitter would pick a big time suitor. And Twitter couldn't just pick one, so they decided to go with two.

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wow bao wants you to show your love of bao on twitter

By: envisionit   Digital, Strategy

Wow Bao, known for its steamed Bao buns and other casual Asian cuisine, is upping the ante for Bao lovers. If you love Bao, now you can get some love back with the Bao Mouth.

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